Tickets & Payments:

Do you accept credit cards?
All major credit cards are accepted.

How far in advance can I purchase tickets?
Our movie listings are updated every Tuesday for the new week beginning Friday. However, for select blockbusters, we often offer advance ticket sales. Please check “Coming Soon.”

Is there a limit on how many tickets I can purchase?
Our website allows for 10 tickets per transaction. There is no limit of tickets per transaction when purchased in person. You can also purchase more than 10 tickets by contacting the concierge at your nearest theater.

Cancellations, changes, and refunds:
Tickets are non-refundable. Service fees are non-refundable. In the event you are unable to attend your movie, please contact the Concierge Desk at [email protected] to let us know. One of our Concierge Team members will contact you directly to arrange a film time change or a complimentary ticket.

How do I reserve Theatre Seats?
Selecting and reserving your seats is part of our purchasing process. Whether you are purchasing tickets online or in person, you will be shown a seating chart of available seats for your desired film.

What if I did not get a confirmation email?
In the event you did not print your ticket at the time of purchase, you can pick them up by presenting the credit card used to purchase the tickets. Simply go to our kiosks and select “Pick Up Tickets Using A Credit Card,” or ask for help from our Concierge.

How do I contact the Concierge?
Guests may reach out to us via email or by calling the theater directly to be connected with the best person to address questions or concerns. Contact Us

Are there age restrictions? 

Due to restrictions in our theatres children under the age of 2 are not permitted. 

Guest under the age of 18 most be accompanied by an adult for all rated R movies. 

Age requirements vary by theatre and are ultimately decided by on-premise staff. 

Gift Cards

Where can I buy gift cards?
Gift cards are available online Here, or at any of our theatre locations. Gift cards may be used for anything within silverspot.net or at the theatre, including tickets, restaurants, bar, and concessions.

How Do I Use My Gift Card Online?
Your Gift Card balance must meet or exceed the amount of the transaction: otherwise, the payment will be declined. Gift cards with remaining balances lower than ticket prices may be used towards tickets in-person, concessions, beverages, and at our restaurants.

How Do I Check My Gift Card Balance?
To check the balance of a Gift card click here

Food Service

Is restaurant and bar service available inside the theater?
We proudly offer restaurant and bar service inside our auditoriums before the movie and through the first hour of your film. You can order from our In Theater Service staff or directly on our Silverspot App. Our staff should be ready to take your order before the movie starts. You may also carry in any drinks purchased at the bar as well as food items freshly prepared in our restaurant's kitchen.


How do I book a private event?
Please click on “Book an event” at the top of the page. Our experienced and talented Events team will be in contact within 24 hours to assist in creating the perfect event, menus, and rental needs for you. You can contact them directly by emailing [email protected]

Can I rent out a theater?
At Silverspot, you can create an exclusive gathering for your friends with a private movie showing. Choose from our current list of films and our various auditorium sizes to rent a theater for your most important guests to have a special screening. You can plan a professional meeting outside the office in one of our theaters or in the restaurant. All auditoriums are equipped with the latest sound and projection technology for morning presentations before movies begin each day.

Can I host my party at Silverspot?
Silverspot is the perfect place for your luncheon, reception, corporate event, charity fundraiser, or holiday party. Celebrate any occasion with or without a movie at Silverspot. With a chic atmosphere and delectable cuisine, the options are endless for your next festive event.

Is there an age minimum to host a birthday party at Silverspot?
At Silverspot, you can celebrate your special day at any age with a movie and a dining package. Our team will help you put together the party of the year for your birthday celebration.

Lost and Found

Do you have a lost and found?
Yes, lost items are kept in our manager's office and valuable items are secured in our safe. Silverspot Cinema is not responsible for personal belongings left in the cinema, restaurant, or bar areas, but we will do our best to assist guests in finding their items whenever possible.


What is Spot Rewards?
Spot Rewards is our loyalty program where you can earn points to redeem for free tickets, concessions, and bar items. Being a member of our loyalty program also keeps you up to date on our latest content and events. We have two levels of Spot Rewards, Red Members and Silver Members. For terms and conditions, please refer to our Spot Rewards, Terms & Conditions page located here

How can I join Spot Rewards?
Click on the “Spot Rewards “ tab at the top of the webpage to learn about Spot Rewards. You can join by clicking here

How can I earn Spot Rewards?
Accumulate points for every dollar you spend on movie tickets, food, drinks, and concessions. Redeem them for great rewards as well as having access to special benefits.

What’s the difference between being a Red and Silver Member of Spot Rewards?
Silver level members accumulate 4000 points in a calendar year. Silver Members accumulate points at a rate of 15 points per $1 spent. In addition, Silver members receive a 15% discount on birthday parties, with a 10-person minimum. In addition, Silver Members get 24 Hours advance notice to purchase tickets, special screenings, and events.

What are Birthday Rewards?
Silver Members receive a free movie ticket and a large popcorn, valid for the entire birthday month.

How can I join your Mailing List?
By joining the Spot Rewards program you will be enrolled in our newsletter and mailing list to receive up-to-date information on upcoming and now playing movies, events, and more.


How do I win a Silverspot social media contest?
Social media contests are either conducted on a first-come, first serve basis or via sweepstakes. Each contest is limited to one prize per household, and entrants can only win once in a 30-day period.


What are Special Events?
Special events are hand-picked curated content you can only see at Silverspot Cinemas. Check here for current and upcoming special content showing near you.

Do you only show the MET Opera Live?
We show the Metropolitan Opera live and once again later for those who could not attend the live show. You can click here to see what MET events are coming up.

What is Flashback Cinema?
See your favorite classic movies on the big screen. Flashback Cinema is a program celebrating classic movies on the big screen. A different classic movie is presented each week, on Sundays and Wednesdays. Films are programmed as a series, six weeks at a time. You can click here to see what films are coming back to your theater soon!

Dine-In Information

How It Works
As part of our movie-going experience, we offer a dine-in option at our theaters. You have the option to either order with a server at your seat before the movie begins or on the app. If you would like to partake in our dine-in service, be sure to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled showtime.

What happens if my order doesn’t arrive or I receive the wrong order?
If you haven’t received your order within a timely manner, please go to the server at the bar and let them know the situation.

Does Silverspot offer Happy Hour deals?
We do!  See what deals are offered at your theater here.

What Menu Options Are Available?
Each one of our theaters has its own respective menu. Click here to take a look at the menu available at your theater. Be sure to select your theater at the top of the page.

Mobile App

How do I order Food/Drinks on the app?
Take a look at our infographic below to see how it's done: