Movies Coming Soon

The Shining

October 26,2016

From a script he co-adapted from the Stephen King novel, director Stanley Kubrick melds vivid performances, menacing settings, dreamlike tracking shots and shock after shock into a milestone macabre. In a signature role, Jack Nicholson (“Heeeere’s Johnny!”) plays Jack Torrance, who’s come to the elegant, isolated Overlook Hotel, as the off-season caretaker with his wife (Shelley Duvall) and son (Danny Lloyd). Torrance has never been there before - or has he? The answer lies in a ghostly time warp of madness and murder.

Hunter Killer

October 25,2018

An untested American submarine captain teams with U.S. Navy Seals to rescue the Russian president, who has been kidnapped by a rogue general.

Johnny English Strikes Again

October 25,2018

After a cyber-attack reveals the identity of all of the active undercover agents in Britain, Johnny English is forced to come out of retirement to find the mastermind hacker.

NIFF 2018 Are You Glad I'm Here

October 26,2018

A millennial American girl befriends a Lebanese housewife and disrupts her ordered life; one night they become accidental partners-in-crime. In English and Arabic. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 Bathtubs Over Broadway

October 26,2018

Comedy writer Steve Young’s assignment to scour bargain-bin vinyl for a Late Night segment becomes an unexpected, decades-spanning obsession when he stumbles upon the strange and hilarious world of industrial musicals in this comedic music documentary. With David Letterman, Chita Rivera, Martin Short, Susan Stroman, Sheldon Harnick, Jello Biafra and more. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 Chef Flynn

October 26,2018

Ten-year-old Flynn McGarry transforms his living room into a supper club using his classmates as line cooks. Achieving sudden fame, Flynn outgrows his bedroom kitchen and sets out to challenge the hierarchy of the culinary world.

NIFF 2018 Dead In A Week (Or Your Money Back)

October 26,2018

After his ninth unsuccessful attempt on his own life, 27-year-old William outsources his suicide to Leslie, an aging assassin. But when William meets the woman of his dreams, things get more complicated for both men.

NIFF 2018 Dumped

October 26,2018

Two hard heads sisters bring their mother on vacation to help her recover from being dumped. In French with English subtitles.

NIFF 2018 Funny Story

October 26,2018

After years of being a neglectful father, a womanizing TV star decides to crash his estranged daughter’s vacation in Big Sur. A comedy about good people who do bad things. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 Old Boys

October 26,2018

In the school-set re-working of Cyrano, an awkward but imaginative pupil helps the handsome but spectacularly dim school-hero pursue the fiery daughter of a visiting French teacher.

NIFF 2018 Sammy Davis JR: I've Gotta Be Me

October 26,2018

A star-studded roster of interviewees (including Jerry Lewis, Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal) pay tribute to the legendary, multi-talented song-and-dance man.

NIFF 2018 Sashinka

October 26,2018

Sasha's mother arrives on her doorstep like a hurricane without warning. The young musician is unable to hide her trepidation as her mother asks to sleep on her couch. As Sasha prepares for the most important concert of her career, the pitiful reasons for her mother's visit come to light. Sasha must find a way to survive the remaining 24 hours before her big show, confronting both the volatile woman and the past that Sasha had worked so hard to leave behind her. In French with English subtitles. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 Science Fair

October 26,2018

Hailed by critics as “immensely likeable,” “brilliant and quirky” and an “ode to the teenage science geeks on who our future depends,” and winner of the audience award at Sundance and SXSW, National Geographic Documentary Films’ SCIENCE FAIR follows nine high school students from around the globe as they navigate rivalries, setbacks and, of course, hormones, on their journey to compete at the International Science and Engineering Fair.

NIFF 2018 Shorts Package 1: Consequences

October 26,2018

A selection of short films from around the world. Shorts in this package are: Fauve, Weekends, The Lightkeeper, Hula Girl, Fern, and Laboratory Conditions.

NIFF 2018 Shorts Package 2: Determination

October 26,2018

A selection of short films from around the world. Shorts in this package are: How Tommy Lemenchick Became A Grade 7 Legend, The Driver Is Red, Ian, About The Birds And The Bees, Fire In Cardboard City, and Geoff.

NIFF 2018 The 5 Browns: Digging Through The Darkne

October 26,2018

Digging Through the Darkness follows the journey of The 5 Browns – a family of five piano prodigies – from their triumphant musical career to the disclosure of child sex abuse and the subsequent fight for healing and social justice. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 The Guilty

October 26,2018

Alarm dispatcher and former police officer Asger Holm answers an emergency call from a kidnapped woman. When the call is suddenly disconnected, the search for the woman and her kidnapper begins. In Danish with English subtitles

NIFF 2018 The Independents

October 26,2018

The Independents is musical comedy/drama about three struggling “solo-artists” who collide at the same crossroads and discover harmony — then must overcome their individual foibles to stay in tune. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 The Interpreter

October 26,2018

80-year-old Ali Ungar comes across a book by a former SS officer describing his wartime activities in Slovakia. He realizes his parents were executed by him. He sets out to take revenge but finds instead his 70-year-old son, Georg, a retired teacher. Georg, who had avoided his father all his life, decides to find out more about him and offers Ali to be his interpreter. The two old men, in everything opposite, embark on a bittersweet journey to meet surviving witnesses of the wartime tragedy. In German and Slovakian with English subtitles.

NIFF 2018 The Push

October 26,2018

The Push focuses on Grant Korgan, an adventure athlete and former nanoscientist who attempts to become the first spinal-cord injured athlete in history to ski the final degree of latitude to the bottom of the world ~ to Antarctica's geographic South Pole, using only his arms to propel himself. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 White Tide: The Legend of Culebra

October 26,2018

Rodney Hyden is an American dreamer: a small business owner and familyman from Central Florida. But after he’s wiped out by the Great Recession, Rodney hears a story that could be his ticket out of his mounting debt: a tale of a map, an island and buried treasure. Fueled by a combination of economic desperation and blissful ignorance, Rodney hatches a plan to retrieve a possibly mythical $2- million stash of cocaine from its reported Caribbean hiding place. With the help of a colorful group of misfits—and without prior drug-running experience—Rodney sets out in pursuit of his very own American dream, with surprising results. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 Yellow Is Forbidden

October 26,2018

Haute couture from China is surely just a fantasy for the historically drably-dressed masses. But a brave, daring and diminutive artist has entered the world stage chasing the dream every designer has - to become part of the exclusive yet savage world of Haute Couture. And Guo Pei’s Cinderella story doesn’t end at the ball. In English, French and Mandarin with English subtitles

NIFF 2018 You & Me

October 26,2018

A funny and moving love story about a deaf woman who meets a recently blinded man. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

MET: La Fanciulla del West

October 27,2018

NIFF 2018 Bias

October 27,2018

Bias challenges us to confront our hidden biases and understand what we risk when we follow our gut. Through exposing her own biases, award-winning documentary filmmaker Robin Hauser (CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap) highlights the nature of implicit bias, the grip it holds on our social and professional lives, and what it will take to induce change. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 Miss Arizona

October 27,2018

A former pageant queen embarks on an all-night adventure with four unlikely friends she meets at a women's shelter. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 Shorts Package 3: Life Lessons

October 27,2018

A selection of short films from around the world. Shorts in this package are: Caroline, Two Balloons, Gringa, One Small Step, and Mick.

NIFF 2018 Shorts Package 4: Student Filmmaker Show

October 27,2018

A selection of short films from students grades K-12, and College and University students. Shorts in this package are: I Don’t Know, Akeda (The Binding), Peacekeeper, 93 Miles, and Night Light.

NIFF 2018 Studio 54

October 27,2018

In 1977, New York night club Studio 54 opened its doors. Frequented by celebrity guests, the club became the place to be. A look underneath the glitz and glamour of New York's most famous club.

NIFF 2018 The Children Act

October 27,2018

Smart, elegant, and deeply moving, The Children Act stars two-time Academy Award-winner Emma Thompson in a riveting performance as Fiona Maye, a British High Court judge who, in the midst of a marital crisis, must rule on a life-changing legal case concerning the survival of a teenage boy.

NIFF 2018 The Elephant and the Butterfly

October 27,2018

When a man reunites with his former lover, he unexpectedly spends the day with his young daughter and they begin to form a unique bond. In French with English subtitles.

NIFF 2018 The Etruscan Smile

October 27,2018

The Etruscan Smile stars acclaimed British actor Brian Cox as Rory MacNeil, a rugged old Scotsman who reluctantly leaves his beloved isolated Hebridean island and travels to San Francisco to seek medical treatment. Moving in with his estranged son, Rory sees his life transformed through a newly found bond with his baby grandson. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

NIFF 2018 Tucked

October 27,2018

When veteran drag queen Jackie Collins receives a diagnosis with six weeks to live, all he wants to do is perform his long-running act, and behave as if all is normal. But between a surprising new friendship with a rising young queen and unfinished business with his estranged daughter, he may just have the most eventful month and a half of his life. A feel-good film with charm and humor. Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

The Shining

October 28,2018

Celebrate Halloween with Stanley Kubrick’s classic thriller, based on Stephen King’s novel. Jack Nicholson (“Here’s Johnny!”) is a writer who takes a job as a caretaker of an off-season hotel with a really…bad…past. He and his family are virtually alone in the spooky old building. Or are they? Shelly Duvall, as Nicholson’s distraught wife, discovers her husband is turning into someone she barely recognizes. (“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”) Rated R

MET: La Fanciulla del West ENCORE

October 31,2018

Bohemian Rhapsody

November 01,2018

A chronicle of the years leading up to Queen's legendary appearance at the Live Aid (1985) concert.

Nobody's Fool

November 01,2018

A woman is released from prison and reunites with her sister. She soon discovers that her sister is in an online relationship with a man who may not be what he seems.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

November 01,2018

A young girl is transported into a magical world of gingerbread soldiers and an army of mice.

The Price of Everything

November 02,2018

With unprecedented access to pivotal artists and the white-hot market surrounding them, this film dives deep into the contemporary art world, holding a fun-house mirror up to our values and our times -- where everything can be bought and sold.

A Space Odyssey

November 04,2018

Before there was Star Wars, there was 2001. Director Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking and visually stunning epic, described as “the ultimate trip,” dazzles the eye in this 4K digital restoration. Kubrick and science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke wrote the script about a mysterious monolith, a manned flight to Jupiter, and the HAL 9000, a “perfect” computer that is almost human—and not in a good way. (“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”) Rated G

MGC Presents: Red

November 07,2018

Under the watchful gaze of his young assistant, and the threatening presence of a new generation of artists, Mark Rothko takes on his greatest challenge yet: to create a definitive work for an extraordinary setting. Based on the original Donmar Warehouse production, this new production of Red is the first ever UK revival since MGC Artistic Director Michael Grandage directed the premier in 2009. The production went on to win six Tony Awards including Best Play. Award-winning stage and screen actor Alfred Molina reprises his critically acclaimed performance as the American abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko. He is joined by rising star Alfred Enoch, of US television drama series How to Get Away With Murder, as his assistant Ken. Red reunites John Logan and Michael Grandage following Peter and Alice with Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw, which formed part of MGC’s

MiamisFF: Tribute to Canada

November 07,2018

This year, we are honoring Canada with this selection of shorts by Canadian filmmakers that present a powerful sample of the talented, innovative, and artistic films from our neighbors to the north. Bait And Switch – Dir. by Phil Moniz - Short short - 06 Min - Canada “A young woman's perception of beauty is challenged when she discovers that her tinder date lied in his profile.” March Fool - Dir. By Pierre-Marc Drouin - Narrative - 14:10 Min - Canada “Struggling with depression, Louis finds out that his family is planning a prank on him for April Fools' day. Problem is: we're still in March” Marguerite - Dir. By Marianne Farley - Narrative - 19:09 Min - Canada “An aging woman and her nurse develop a friendship that inspires her to unearth unacknowledged longing and thus help her make peace with her past.” Fauve - Dir. By Jeremy Comte - Narrative - 15:52 Min - Canada “Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer.” Heads Or Tails - Dir. By Fernand-Philippe Morin-Vargas - Narrative - 15:00 Min - Canada “Panicked at the idea of losing his position, incumbent mayor Joseph L'Heureux refuses to accept the result of his hometown’s municipal election.” Tapping Tango - Dir. By Nancy Snipper - Animation - 03:11 Min - Canada “Meet Henry and Abigail, two pay phones in a Montreal metro station who tap dance and tango their way into love.” Three Pages - Dir. By Roger Gariépy - Narrative - 14:57 Min - Canada “An unassuming middle-aged accountant learns he has only weeks to live. Rather than tell everyone, Martin determines to learn the three pages of a Bach adagio for piano he’d abandoned as a child.” Total Duration 1:28:19

HYMN - Sarah Brightman In Concert

November 08,2018

In celebration of her upcoming new album Hymn, best-selling soprano Sarah Brightman is in cinemas with an incredible performance. HYMN: Sarah Brightman In Concert was captured live for the big screen from the Festspielhaus in the enchanted Bavarian Alps, known for the historic and captivating Neuschwanstein Castle. Staged in two acts, the 90-minute performance is a hybrid of a musical film, a classical-crossover program and a large-scale concert production. Brightman is accompanied by her band, the Munich orchestra, a 50-voice choir and the Ludwig Ensemble of dancers. The concert was conceived and created by Sarah Brightman, Anthony Von Laast (Mamma Mia, Beauty and the Beast), and Frank Peterson (Enigma, Andrea Bocelli). Filmed using state-of-the-art video and audio technologies, cinema audiences will also enjoy an exclusive “making of” feature.

MiamisFF: Early Awakening

November 08,2018

The depths one goes to awaken their mind, body, and soul. Silent Campine - Dir. By Steffen Geypens - Narrative - 15:00 Min - Belgium “Flanders, Post World War I. A traumatised ex-soldier and his obedient son go hunting every day in order to survive and take care of the mortally ill mother. Daily pushed to their limits, until there's a point of no return.” Weird - Dir. By Fausto Montanari - Short/Short - 02:00 Min - Italy “"Weird" It is a shout of a girl usual to be judged weird and different. She express in the monologue her sufferance and her dream to make possible to delete the concept of weird. Weirdness is only a point of view and that we are all the same.” Game Of Chicken - Dir. By Karina Hajdamowicz - Narrative - 15:00 Min - Poland “Desperate to gain his classmates’ acceptance, Tony, 14 , tries his hand at beating Frank at his own game. Before long, the ’war of pixels’ takes a sharp turn. Tony’s mum can only look on and wonder.” Endangerhood: Orangutans - Dir. By Ryan Flynn - Environmental - 01:50 Min - United States “A young family gets revenge for endangered animals.” Milk And Cookies - Dir. By Andrew Scott-Ramsay - Narrative - 07:30 Min - United States “Grace is five. She wants milk and cookies. Every day. Real bad.” Tits Up (The big save episode 6) - Dir. By Jamie Maule-Ffinch - Web / New Media - 05:30 Min - United Kingdom “Vix is in a failing relationship so she does what everyone would do: have a mucky dance floor experience with a random guy and propose to her boyfriend out of guilt.” Be Triton - Dir. By Jose Birchenall - Experimental - 05:00 Min - United States “A man exhausted of the routine of the work who on a good day feeling tired of everything, decides to risk and to descend to the depths of the sea in where he finds himself.” Béa - Dir. By José Esteban Pavlovic Be Triton - Dir. By Jose Birchenall - Experimental - 05:00 Min - United States Seven-year-old Béa’s world changes as her young mother tries to reconnect with her estranged aunt in this love-letter to misunderstanding. Unexpected Discoveries - Dir. By James Mabery - Animation - 02:01 Min - United States “A young fellow finds himself stumbling upon an ordinary flashlight that allows him to explore other places. Unexpected Discoveries reminds us to always be present. You never know what is around the corner or what is directly in front of you.” Rex Orange County 'Loving Is Easy' - Dir. By Chris Ullens - Music Videos - 03:11 Min - United Kingdom “Miniature Rex and Benny chill and perform together in stop-motion from their dreamy living room that comes to life to the sound of their lovely tune.” Mamartuile - Dir. By Alejandro Saevich - Narrative - 11:40 Min - Spain “The president of Mexico spends his final days in office making plans for his future. Everything looks in order until an international conflict interrupts his pleasant rest.” Total Duration 1:22:04


November 08,2018

The story of two American soldiers behind enemy lines on D Day.

The Girl in the Spider's Web

November 08,2018

Young computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist find themselves caught in a web of spies, cybercriminals and corrupt government officials.

The Grinch

November 08,2018

A grumpy Grinch plots to ruin Christmas for the village of Whoville.

MiamisFF: Update Time

November 09,2018

The exploration of life and all its journeys in the ever-changing world. Singularity - Dir. By Mike Williamson - Animation - 02:10 Min - Australia “Evolution is the ultimate journey, always in the now and always moving forward. Film explores the journey of life, showing its complexity and scale. Creating synthetic life ourselves... especially one that has the potential to exceed our intelligence?” Sola - Dir. By Jonathan - Music Video - 03:15 Min - Australia “As the world collapses around them, humanity walks on oblivious, compulsively editing selfies and updating profiles” The Masseuse - Dir. By Ce Ding Tan - Narrative - 20:00 Min - Malaysia “In a world where cutting edge robots are coveted, a fledgling human technician is torn between pursuing his feelings towards an outdated android and placating his abusive, android-aversive father.” Compatible - Dir. By Pau Bacardit - Narrative - 14:46 Min - Spain “In the immediate future, where technology increasingly invades human existence, the Renewed® company offers personality and interest updates to live connected to the rest of the society.” Alone - Dir. By Esteban Valdez - Animation - 06:04 Min - United States “With the world hellbent on annihilation, we’ve gathered all the brilliant minds of our time to create a robotic proxy which we send into the void of space and time in search of a new home. But… Is it too late?” Homo Celularis Metro - Dir. By Joaquin Gonzalez - Short short - 01:00 Min - Uruguay “Underground, in the Beijing Metro, we seem to be witnessing the transition and transformation of Homo Sapiens into a new species: Homo Celularis.” Fauve - Dir. By Jeremy Comte - Narrative - 15:52 Min - Canada “Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer.” Salvation - Dir. By Karim Sherif - Experimental - 02:40 Min - Egypt “"Salvation" was a challenge of self expression to portray emotions.” The Shins "Half A Million" - Dir. By Lamar+Nik - Music Video - 03:23 Min - United States “Filmed on a white backdrop, edited, then printed out. “Half A Million” was created with 5,566 stickers, hand cut from the 4,868 frames and animated by sticking them down on top of each other at each of the 40+ locations.” Sand - Dir. By Arjan Brentjes - Animation - 04:48 Min - Netherlands “You get up at five, eat your vitamins, take some water with your coffee, work for a few hours, eat your omegas and flavonoids, work a little more, get some exercise and then take a shower. But don’t bother trying to wash the sand out of your hair.” Double Exposed - Dir. By Julie Buck - Short short - 03:36 Min - United States “Working from an 8mm film from 1960, Double Exposed is about nostalgia and the images that bind a family together.” In Traverse - Dir. By Daniel Yankiver - Short short - 04:39 Min - United States “'In Traverse' is a visual duet that displays a universal yet personal quest for fulfillment.” Total Duration 1:22:13

MET: Marnie

November 10,2018

MiamisFF: Building Walls

November 10,2018

When dealing with personal relationships, you can either build a wall or a bridge. These shorts explore the choices people make in these situations and the outcomes they face. Beffroi - Faint - Dir. By O'Nonto Zaman - Music Video - 04:17 Min - Belgium “A bully of about twenty-five has a tumultuous daily life where violence and the sale of drugs with his friends mingle. But as soon as he has a moment of respite, he escapes this house and what binds him to this family that opposes everything.” Boy Boy Girl Girl - Dir. By Ross Kauffman - Narrative - 10:40 Min - United States “A gay couple attempts to adopt from a pregnant meth addict and her criminal girlfriend.” French - Dir. By Josza Anjembe - Narrative - 20:00 Min - France “At seventeen, Seyna, a teenager from Cameroon is passionate about France history, the country where she was born and she is deeply in love. Seyna only desire one thing: to acquire French nationality.” Juan Gabriel Is Dead - Dir. By Tavo Ruiz - Narrative - 14:50 Min - Germany / Mexico “On the day famous mexican singer JUAN GABRIEL dies, best friends Beto and Daniel will redefine their friendship. Daniel imagines how his day would be if he were a girl. Maybe this way his feelings toward Beto would be seen as normal.” 2Nd Class - Dir. By Jimmy Olsson - Narrative - 13:52 Min - Sweden “Charlotte has got a new job as a second grade teacher. One night she is attacked by a nazi and is severely injured. When she comes back to her students she discovers that one of her students is the son of that nazi.” Wilson - Dir. By John Ogunmuyiwa - Short short - 03:26 Min - United Kingdom “This is a film about being trapped behind fake words and the disconnect between our feelings and our surroundings.” Curl - Dir. By Chih Chieh Wu - Short/Short - 02:59 Min - United Kingdom “In a hair salon, a girl sees an incident happened next to her, what would she do?” Indochine - Station 13 - Dir. By Bouha Kazmi - Music Video - 06:29 Min - United Kingdom ““Station 13” depicts the representation of what initially appears to be ordinary men persecuted by society, men who are later revealed to be angels on earth.” Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Hips - Dir. By Andrii Kovalov - Music Video - 04:00 Min - Ukraine “Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes new self-directed and self-produced video for “HIPS” begins with a model putting a coin into the head of a pigeon character, taking a polaroid with two models before pushing out the finished.” Total Duration 1:20:33

MiamisFF: Perception

November 10,2018

How we perceive life determines how we experience it. Kcpk - The End - Dir. By Loïc Andrieu - Music Video - 06:10 Min - France “The cinematic video is capturing a teenage girl's worst nightmare through adolescent angst, bathed in underlying sexual tension, and depicts the inevitable end of youth and purity.” Mad Rush - Dir. By Hee-Jun Lee - Narrative - 16:05 Min - Republic of Korea “Suffering from a contamination obsession and panic disorder, Byunghoon is battling through the little things every day. Regardless of the outcome of a day is a true gift all along but has been forgotten at some point. Just grateful as it is.” Fils - Dir. By Cyrus Neshvad - Narrative - 14:10 Min - Luxembourg “Sébastien, who cannot come to terms with his son being in a coma, begins to question his reality.” Ari - Dir. By Sangbeom Koo - Narrative - 13:03 Min - Republic of Korea “Nara, an 8-year-old girl, and her mother meet Gaeun, an 8-year-old girl.” Dr. Mantis - Dir. By Brandon Mikolaski - Animation - 02:36 Min - United States “Dr. Mantis is a practicing psychotherapist but a full time praying mantis. Often, she doesn't know where one ends and the other begins. But the truth is, she doesn't really care. Fred is a transitioning caterpillar who bugs her.” Come Correct - Dir. By Alex Russell, Dominic Russell - Narrative - 11:51 Min - Australia “A loveable Bogan challenges a pompous Bartender to a cocktail duel after he is unfairly evicted.” Hi, I'M Dan - Dir. By Rosa Rodriguez - Short/Short - 04:30 Min - United States “An oddball office worker falls apart as he prepares for an interview with a new company.” Metasystox-R - Dir. By Feodor Borka - Experimental - 02:33 Min - United States “"How can I take a parked car, with two people in it, and make it interesting?" -Feodor Borka” My First Time - Dir. By Asaf Livni - Narrative - 09:30 Min - Israel “The First time always hurts” Mondays - Dir. By Michael Thelin - Documentary - 01:55 Min - United States “Have you seen a grandma?” Total Duration 1:22:23

MiamisFF: Myths & Legends

November 11,2018

What makes someone’s life story great? Leftovers - Dir. By Yael Arad Zafrir - Narrative - 19:22 Min - Israel “An elderly devoted wife, tries to maintain a normal life for her and her paralyzed husband in Tel Aviv. A French tourist reminds her of all she has left aside for her marriage. She is swept away for a moment, to face the consequences of her actions.” Zona - Dir. By Toofan Nahanghodrati - Narrative - 20:00 Min - Iran “‘Zona’ is about a man who is summoned to the court by charges placed against him by a woman who claims pregnancy. A DNA test is taken to prove this claim and the result emerges something different out of his life.” Ulises - Dir. By Jorge Malpica - Narrative - 07:55 Min - Mexico “Warned by Circe, the Goddess, Ulysses ordered his men to tie him to his ship's mast. Thus preventing him from surrendering to the enchanting mermaid's call, which devoured the unwary men seduced by it.' The Odyssey.” Think Of Something Blue - Dir. By De Mars - Experimental - 06:23 Min - Netherlands “Think of something blue is based on a Dutch Poem by Martijn den Ouden. It portrays a man, dealing with loneliness and mourning, comforted by memories of his loved one.” Ovum - Dir. By Luciano Blotta - Narrative - 17:08 Min - Argentina “Far off in the recesses of a secluded coast, an isolated fisherman makes a discovery that will change his life forever.” Zerø - Dir. By Peter Darley Miller - Ocean - 02:39 Min - United States “Featuring professional surfer Danny Fuller, a brief glimpse into the day you don't go surfing.” The Rabbit's Foot - Dir. By Magnus Mccullagh - Narrative - 19:12 Min - United Kingdom “Under the auspices of a mystical rabbit's foot, the fortunes of a card sharp, a former bandit leader and a luckless prospector intertwine with fatal consequences in this pitch-black comic fable.” Total Duration 1:32:39

MiamisFF: Perfect Toxic Relations

November 11,2018

When two people, destined for disaster, collide. An Abstract Room - Dir. By Gökhan Bulut - Narrative - 10:15 Min - Turkey “A film about how a woman, left alone after her husband locks himself up in a room, is haunted by intrusions of the janitor and invasion of crows in her balcony.” Adam & Esra - Dir. By Achmed Abdel-SalMin - Narrative - 19:03 Min - Austria “Upon meeting the very down-to-earth Esra, narcissistic Adam sets out to conquer her. But his superficiality soon becomes a stumbling block - and bit by bit, his facade starts to crack.” The Master Of Cuchillo - Dir. By Rodrigo Sebastian Gonzalez - Narrative - 11:26 Min - Mexico “Each mind has its own rules, passions, obsessions and ways of loving. But no matter whom you are, you should accept yourself as you are, and learn to dance with your darkest version of yourself. The story of chef Timoteo who knows what he doesn't want.” Somnium - Dir. By Zaina Salameh - Short short - 05:00 Min - Qatar “Two strangers engage in an outer-body experience at a train station through a shared 'dream-landscape.' Conflicting forces of imagination and reality ensue.” Yesterday Or The Day Before - Dir. By Hugo Sanz - Narrative - 09:14 Min - Spain “Words are the perfect seed to harvest the best things in life.” Tits Up (episode 1) - Dir. By Jamie Maule-Ffinch - Web / New Media - 04:33 Min - United Kingdom “Vix feels guilty about the little "mishap" of the night before and makes an impromptu decision that makes things go tits up...” Everything Mattress - Dir. By Chase Joliet - Narrative - 32 Min - United States “David and Sara need a new mattress.” Two Balloons - Dir. By Mark C. Smith - Animation - 09:08 Min - United States “Two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion.” Total Duration 1:21:11


November 11,2018

Our Veterans Day presentation of the Oscar-winning Best Picture about one of World War II’s greatest generals. George C. Scott was named Best Actor for his performance as the colorful General George S. Patton, whose genius on the battlefield was sometimes overshadowed by his outspoken and controversial opinions. Beautifully restored in 4K digital, this widescreen epic is a powerful depiction of a true American original. (“Americans love a winner...”) Rated PG

Cirque Du Soleil in Cinema Kurios - Cabinet of Cur

November 13,2018

Every breathtaking moment. Every larger-than-life detail. This is a whole new awe-inspiring way to experience Cirque du Soleil. For one night, Cirque du Soleil in Cinema transports its internationally acclaimed show KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities to the big screen. Step into the curio cabinet of an ambitious inventor who defies the laws of time, space and dimension in order to reinvent everything around him. Suddenly, the visible becomes invisible, perspectives are transformed, and the world is literally turned upside down. Immerse yourself in a spectacular cinematic experience through never-before-seen angles. Movie-going just got jaw-dropping!

Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams

November 14,2018

One of the world’s biggest bands share their story, in their own words, for the first time. Charting Coldplay’s incredible journey from humble origins to stadium-filling superstardom, it is the definitive Coldplay film. Director Mat Whitecross showcases live performances and backstage footage from the momentous global stadium tour A Head Full of Dreams, alongside unprecedented and unseen archive material captured over 20 years. The film juxtaposes spectacular performances of iconic tracks like Fix You and Viva La Vida with intimate, behind-the-scenes moments that reveal the depth of the band’s friendship and brotherhood. A one-night-only global cinema event not to be missed.


November 14,2018

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

November 15,2018

The second installment of the "Fantastic Beasts" series set in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World featuring the adventures of magizoologist Newt Scamander.

Instant Family

November 15,2018

A couple find themselves in over their heads when they adopt three children.


November 16,2018

Set in contemporary Chicago, amidst a time of turmoil, four women with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands' criminal activities, take fate into their own hands, and conspire to forge a future on their own terms.

Home Alone

November 18,2018

The hit comedy starring McCauley Culkin as Kevin McCallister, an 8-year-old boy who is mad at his family and wishes they would disappear. When they accidentally leave for Christmas vacation without him, he gets his wish. But he finds being “home alone” isn’t all fun and games (or is it?) when two bungling burglars (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) force him to defend his house. (“You guys give up? Or are you thirsty for more?”)

A Christmas Story

November 25,2018

Nine-year old Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) wants only one thing for Christmas: a "Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle.” We double dog dare you not to love this heart-warming comedy based on the childhood memories of author Jean Shepherd, who also narrates the film. Melinda Dillon co-stars as Ralphie’s mom and Darren McGavin plays his dad (“the Old Man”), whose taste in lamps is somewhat unusual. ("You'll shoot your eye out!") Rated PG

Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King And I (2018)

November 29,2018

The multi-award winning and critically acclaimed Lincoln Center Theater’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King And I comes to cinemas in this unmissable event recorded live from London’s iconic Palladium. Reprising her Tony Award-winning role, ‘Broadway musical’s undisputed Queen’ (The Sunday Times) Kelli O’Hara (Anna) takes to the stage alongside Tony and Oscar nominee Ken Watanabe (The King) in a "powerhouse" (The Times) performance. Also returning to her Tony Award winning role as Lady Thiang is Ruthie Ann Miles. Set in 1860s Bangkok, the musical tells the story of the unconventional and tempestuous relationship that develops between the King of Siam and Anna, a British schoolteacher whom the modernist King, in an imperialistic world, brings to Siam to teach his many wives and children. With one of the finest scores ever written including; Whistle a Happy Tune, Getting to Know You, and Shall We Dance, and featuring a company of over 50 world-class performers, The King and I is a testament to the lavish heritage of gloriously romantic musical theatre – it is the greatest musical from the golden age of musicals. “Five stars for a sumptuous King and I. Book Now. It’s a hit” - The Times “We left the London Palladium on a bright cloud of music - joyous!” - Daily Mail “Looks and sounds ravishing. Complete rapture” - The Telegraph

MET: The Magic Flute Special Encore

December 01,2018

Buttons, A New Musical Film

December 08,2018

MET: La Travaiata

December 15,2018

MET: La Travaiata ENCORE

December 19,2018

MET: Adriana Lecouvreur

January 12,2019

MET: Adriana Lecouvreur ENCORE

January 16,2019

MET: Carmen

February 02,2019


February 06,2019

MET: La Fille du Regiment

March 02,2019

MET: La Fille du Regiment ENCORE

March 06,2019

MET: Die Walkure

March 30,2019

MET: Die Walkure ENCORE

April 03,2019

MET: Dialogues de Carmelites

May 11,2019

MET: Dialogues de Carmelites ENCORE

May 15,2019